Year 1995 is the countdown point of RENAISSANCE-PERFECT company this is the year when a liqueur production factory was established in Cricova settlement.

In 1996 the company became the first private enterprise in Moldova to receive a vodka production license, and throughout its activity it acquired the status of company registering the highest development tempo in its field a leader on the Moldavian market. During the same period of time PERFECT trademark has extended far outside the Moldavian frontier and started being manufactured in Israel and Romania, in which several independent enterprises were established. Thus, having found its consumer, due to its merits the trademark became brand no. 1.

According to the data of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Moldova during 10 years this Moldavian company only produced 2754,3 mln dal of alcohol products; moreover, the company grew up to 350 working places and gathered an impressive collection of awards both of national and international origin.

Vodka PERFECT is significantly different from any other traditional Russian vodka. Its production secret was first revealed by the Swedes, who have been familiar with all vodka production mysteries for more than four centuries. As to the new technologies applied by company experts, they marked an outbreak in the production of Moldavian vodka. In Moldova the company manufactures various types of vodka: classic, special, national rachiu, strong alcohol drinks with a rich gamut of fruit aromas, and dessert alcohol drinks liqueurs; all of those are poured into bottles with a capacity of 0,25-1,75 liters.

All vodka and strong national drinks are manufactured exclusively on the basis of grain spirit. LUX class spirit is used in the production of the Premium line. Extra class spirit is used in the production of the remaining assortment of liqueur products. We use the most up-dated and modern filtration and water-treatment technologies, including 8 and more treatment levels, in our production process. The process is automated, and the special continuous control system monitoring the condition of treated water secures the maintenance of the designed salt content.

The products manufactured under the PERFECT trademark are exported to the USA, Canada, Cyprus, Australia, Turkmenistan, Russia and Ukraine.


Head office:
MD-2024, Republic of Moldova,
18 Tudor Vladimirescu St., Chisinau city

tel./fax (+373 22) 220-555
e-mail: [email protected]

Production department:
tel./fax: (+373 22) 453-921

Marketing department:
(+373 22) 438-382; 499-301
e-mail: [email protected]

MD-2096, Republic of Moldova,
94 a Chisinau St., Cricova town
tel. (+373 22) 45-39-21
fax: (+373 22) 45-26-84
e-mail: [email protected]