Head office:
MD-2024, Republic of Moldova,
18 Tudor Vladimirescu St., Chisinau city

tel./fax (+373 22) 220-555
e-mail: perfect@starnet.md

Production department:
tel./fax: (+373 22) 453-921

Marketing department:
(+373 22) 438-382; 499-301
e-mail: marketing@r-perfect.com

MD-2096, Republic of Moldova,
94 a Chisinau St., Cricova town
tel. (+373 22) 45-39-21
fax: (+373 22) 45-26-84
e-mail: cricova@r-perfect.com


The sale of the production «RENAISSANCE-PERFECT» on the territory of the Republic of Moldova is realised by the commercial production firm «VARDA», which is the official distributor of all output production.

The commercial production firm «VARDA» realizes the wholesale trade of production with delivery on all territory of the Republic of Moldova. The request is carried out during 1-2 workdays.

The export of strong drinks of the firm «RENAISSANCE-PERFECT» is carried out from the producer factory by prior agreed contract.

Term of contract: from 20 to 60 days from the moment of execution of contract provisions. The loading is executed in maritime containers of 20 and 40 feet, railroad cars, as well as motor transport.

Australia "Moldova Pty"
Romania "Perfect Distribution"
USA "Serge Import"
Czech Republic "Elizabeth"
Turcia - TEMIROGLU, Mersin
Kazahstan - FARVATER, Rudniy
DutyFree "Dufremd", "Le Bridge"